About Us

The quality of life in our community depends on the health of voluntary groups. Voluntary organizations provide services, fellowship and friendship, ideas and leadership, and spiritual connections that enrich all of us.

Current programs of the North Idaho Voluntarists to strengthen the voluntary sector:

    1. Directory of voluntary organizations
      We maintain a directory of all groups in the area, which is available through this site, and in printed copies distributed free at the Bonner County Library and at the Chamber of Commerce. The directory allows prospective volunteers and donors to connect with organizations of interest to them.
      To access this directory click here.

    2. Promoting the principle that voluntary groups should produce and make public a simple budget statement of their finances.
      Donors are much encouraged by a compact (one page is ideal) income and expense statement that shows staff salaries, sources of funds, especially monies coming from large private donors, and funds from tax sources. A public budget is also helpful in enabling everyone to understand—and audit—the group’s expenditures. In the future we shall give more information and examples of sound budget documents.